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DC Urban Life | Tony Taylor


DC Urban Life | Tony Taylor

Tony Taylor, a licensed real estate agent and savvy real estate investor started DC Urban Life in 2014. Tony decided to start this blog out of necessity, after assisting over 100 clients over the last year to secure housing in the  Washington DC area. He quickly realized many of his clients were DC Urban Life & Tony Taylor transplants and the often wanted to know more about the city. Acting often more as a tour guide than a real estate agent, Tony started curating information about DC and sharing it with the world. DC Urban Life was born…

Tony is a native Washingtonian. He knows Washington DC, unlike most, as he has lived here, worked here and played here his entire life. As well, he is married to a beautiful Metro Transit Police Officer and is a devoted father to three beautiful boys that attend a renowned DC Public Charter School. In addition, Tony has personally purchased, renovated and sold nearly 50 properties throughout Washington DC and Maryland as one of the leading Fix & Flip Investors in our Nations Capital. You will often here him say, “Being born and raised here, I’ve seen the city change for the better right before my eyes.”

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Tony Taylor is a developer and licensed Realtor in Washington DC & Maryland. Tony has been in the real estate industry for just over 19 years and has developed properties throughout the DMV as well as Tampa, Florida. In addition, Tony has helped buyers, sellers and renters reach their goals for the last 6 years.

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